How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text

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I hear this question ALL the time from my buddies: “Come on, tell me how to flirt with a girl over text so I can go on a date, get her over to my place, just get her to talk to me more, etc.”

And I tell them the same thing I’ll tell you: if you want to flirt with a girl through text messages effectively, you have to follow some basic but important techniques. In order to accomplish whatever goal you hope to achieve from texting her, whether it’s a date, a hook-up or just her general attention, you can’t just jump right in. The main thing to keep in mind here, no matter which technique you use, is that a girl’s psychology is largely involved.

This is why texting a girl should be done very carefully. Impressing her with words will require some smart messages; that means some situation-related and needed words which will either thrill her or surprise her. And this should only be done by you, not your buddy, as putting the messages in your own words is the best perfect reflection of your personality and eagerness. However, crucial word choice is imperative as some words or sentences have ever-lasting effectiveness on all ages. Think Shakespeare, love poems, etc…

So how do you start? Normally, to draw her attention, small but deep messages are effective. These words can be selected from some tried and true phrases or sentences. You have to keep in mind that you are trying to make her curious about you with your first few messages. Avoid using the same phrases or sentences, or even asking the same questions frequently as this will make her bored. Answer her questions directly sometimes, and other times don’t answer them at all or beat around the bush.

There is another important thing to consider; and it is to make talking to you fun. You have to have fun frequently, but not too much or in the case of serious matters of course, but when it makes sense. Girls like to be happy, they like to laugh and joke around and so, this technique is very important. Be extremely careful not to show too affection to them as this can usually turn them off. When she is not answering your messages, do not annoy her with more. She will respond when she’s ready. She could feel smothered if you start bombarding her with messages over and over.

Try not to get impatient in trying to get a girl like you by flirting through text messaging. Your personality and persistence is the vital thing here, and she will eventually see it and warm up to you, if you do things correctly.

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Small Talk Topics to Talk About With Girls

The art of mastering small talk is not something that is commonly talked about, especially among all the dating gurus. Part of the reason is because most guys are simply terrible at it. Most guys just cant come up with any good small talk topics. Any attempts are usually awkward at best, and it’s incredibly hard to recover with a girl you are pursuing once you’ve made her feel weird or uncomfortable.


We all know most girls LOVE to talk. They love to talk about all kinds of things, most of which bores us, whether its clothes, gossip, food, celebrities, or anything else, it tends to go right over our heads. Whether it’s in person or over a text conversation, a  girl’s mind can be in a thousand different places than ours. Especially when we are trying to advance the relationship to the next level or simply put on our “moves.”


If you’ve ever watched other guys talk to girls, ones you would consider “suave” you might notice how almost everything they seem to say seems like its flirting. And in a way it is. Small talk is simply something you have to learn if you ever want to get a girl from point A to point B….whatever that final destination is. Avoiding small talk is simply setting you up for failure.


Now I know a lot of my buddies HATE small talking with girls. They either don’t understand why they should bother; don’t know how it’s going to help them; don’t know how to do it; but most importantly: they are SHY.


Yep, many guys won’t admit to being shy. Maybe they think it makes them girly or seem weak, or simply that us guys never want to admit our faults. Either way, if you are one of these guys (and I use to be back in the day!), it’s OK. You just have to learn to get more comfortable with it.


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Why Advice From Your Bros is Wrong

this guy knows how to flirt with his girl

So you have a buddy that is good with girls right? He tells you things you should try, what to say, what girls want to hear. Maybe he is your wing-man and has tried to help you score a girls number on a night out. He must be doing something right because he never has a problem talking to girls.


Or maybe you know a guy who has recently gotten a girls number and you think he’s got the right stuff because obviously he scored her number. He even tells you what you should try on the girl you like to get her. This guy must have the secret, right?!


WRONG! Be extremely careful about the advice you receive from these guys because a couple things could be happening:


1. They are giving you bogus advice to throw you off so that THEY can have the upper hand with those girls – they view you as competition. Would YOU really give away your secrets if they actually worked?


2. They simply have poor advice and what they are telling you won’t work. They probably tried and it blew up in their face and are lying to you about how it really went.


We know guys can be conniving and back stabbing, just like girls (okay, maybe not AS bad as girls). But still, you get the point. Guys generally aren’t going to help other guys out to get girls, because they are too busy trying to get girls for themselves.


You should always take the advice other guys give you with a grain of salt. Also, you have to look at the kinds of girls they are getting too. If they are getting slutty girls, or ones that aren’t attractive or interesting, is that really what you want too?


Most single guys are playing a numbers game. They figure, the more girls they can try to reel in by talking to, the higher the chance one of them will hookup or go out with them. But what you don’t usually see is their success rate is usually embarrassingly low. Most conversations with these girls don’t go beyond a few texts or some casual chit-chat, the girls usually lose interest quickly. And the majority of guys strike out when it comes to getting the girls’ romantic interest, which is usually what they were after in the first place. Unfortunately most guys just end up in the dreaded Friend Zone which we all know is the last place we want to be.


There are certain TRIED and TRUED laws of attraction, including conversation starters, flirting tricks, how to build up her interest and get her hooked on YOU. The last point is really what you want because then the ball is in YOUR court. You don’t have to play by the typical rules which stack everything in her favor, and put you at mercy of being just a “friend.”


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How to Get Out of The Friend Zone

Uh-oh! You fell into the Friend Zone with a girl!

reaction to just friends


Don’t Panic.


It’s going to be ok. Most guys dread the thought of being labeled a “friend” because for most of them they can never get out of that zone. They fear falling into this trap is a zero-sum game, one they just simply can’t win. So they end up broken-hearted, let down or otherwise discouraged.


Let me guess, it started out by you meeting an awesome girl, things were going awesome, you were getting ready to take it to the next level by either taking her out on a real date, or trying to reach in for a kiss. Didn’t go as well as you planned huh?


Most guys fall into this trap because they either wait too long, or they are too nice. Maybe you played coy at first because you were afraid to come on to strong. You were probably even trying to show her how good a boyfriend you could be by taking care of her, being the shoulder she could cry on, cheering her up, etc. The problem with this is that’s how MOST guys think, and MOST guys strike out WAY more than they ever score with a girl.


You also probably know about the guy who is suave, easily talks to girls and they hang on his every word and usually turn YOU down to hang out with HIM. Ever notice how he is doing things entirely different than you?


It’s because he has a completely different approach. He knows what to say to girls, what to text them, how to flirt effectively, and it’s almost second nature to him. Of course you envy him and want to be in his shoes. But does he ever worry about getting stuck in the friend zone? NOPE.


So what’s an every day guy like you supposed to do?


What if I told you there was a secret for how to get out of the friend zone?


The good news is that there is. Check out the following video from my good friend Bobby Rio, one of the smartest guys around when it comes to getting girls.